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Aims and scope

Urban Ecosystems is an international journal devoted to scientific investigations of urban environments and the relationships between socioeconomic and ecological structures and processes in urban environments. The scope of the journal is broad, including interactions between urban ecosystems and associated suburban and rural environments. Contributions may span a range of specific subject areas as they may apply to urban environments: biodiversity, biogeochemistry, conservation biology, wildlife and fisheries management, ecosystem ecology, ecosystem services, environmental chemistry, hydrology, landscape architecture, meteorology and climate, policy, population biology, social and human ecology, soil science, and urban planning.

In addition, the journal publishes short contributions (including reflective essays, case studies and teaching activities) for the topical collection Ecology with Cities about collaborating and communicating with people to research, manage, develop policy and plans for, and learn about urban social-ecological systems; see a full description and example articles on the collection’s webpage, and details for submission on the Submission Guidelines page.