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Aims and scope

Transition Metal Chemistry is an international journal designed to deal with all aspects of the subject embodied in the title: the preparation of transition metal-based molecular compounds of all kinds (including complexes of the Group 12 elements), their structural, physical, kinetic, catalytic and biological properties, their use in chemical synthesis as well as their application in the widest context, their role in naturally occurring systems etc.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal should be of broad appeal to the readership and for this reason, papers which are confined to more specialised studies such as the measurement of solution phase equilibria or thermal decomposition studies, or papers which include extensive material on f-block elements, or papers dealing with non-molecular materials, will not normally be considered for publication. Work describing new ligands or coordination geometries must provide sufficient evidence for the confident assignment of structural formulae; this will usually take the form of one or more X-ray crystal structures.

Manuscripts should be written in English and the responsibility lies with the authors to ensure that they are grammatically and linguistically correct. Authors less familiar with English usage are advised to seek the help of English-speaking colleagues.