Volume 196, Issue 6, June 2019

Special Issue on Psychiatry and its Philosophy (first 7 articles), edited by Şerife Tekin & Edouard Machery

ISSN: 0039-7857 (Print) 1573-0964 (Online)

In this issue (22 articles)

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    S.I.: Psych&Phil

    Confabulation and constructive memory

    Sarah K. Robins Pages 2135-2151
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    S.I.: Psych&Phil

    The missing self in scientific psychiatry

    Şerife Tekin Pages 2197-2215
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    Reasoning without regress

    Luis Rosa Pages 2263-2278
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    Semantic deflationism deflated

    Mahrad Almotahari Pages 2435-2454
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