Structural Chemistry

Computational and Experimental Studies of Chemical and Biological Systems

ISSN: 1040-0400 (Print) 1572-9001 (Online)


The journal Structural Chemistry offers peer-reviewed original research papers on condensed and gaseous states of matter. Coverage includes techniques for the determination of structure and energetics, their results, and the conclusions derived from these studies. The journal spans artificial divisions in current literature among the areas of structure determination, energetics, and applications, and builds a bridge to other chemical disciplines. It offers broad discussion of results, observation of relationships among various properties, and applications of structure and energy information in all domains of chemistry.

We welcome the broadest range of accounts of research in structural chemistry involving the discussion of methodologies and structures, experimental, theoretical, and computational, and their combinations. We encourage discussions of structural information collected for their chemical and biological significance.

However the following structure report submissions are not encouraged:

  • accounts of crystal and molecular structures from diffraction techniques or reports of spectra and their assignments (if they do not contain meaningful discussions of structures and energetic or comparisons with related systems).

Specifically, submissions that do not show the chemical or biological significance of the structural information collected are not suitable for submission to the journal of Structural Chemistry.

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