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Science & Education

Contributions from History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science and Mathematics

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  • Call for papers: New Histories of Science and Science Education

    We invite science education scholars (and also historians of science concerned by those themes) to reflect on the following questions and topics:

    • Given the development of the History of Science as a field, which emerging roles, themes and tendencies can be identified in the interface between science education and the History of Science to promote social justice? 
    • How does the revision of topics in the History of Science hold potential for renewing the teaching and learning of canonical topics in science education?
    • How can the teaching around gender, race and class in science education be informed by colonial, racialized and gendered histories of science to promote justice-centred science education
    • How do nonformal science education approaches (e.g. in science museums, science centers, but also YouTube channels etc.) change due to the development in History of Science, and how does the audience response to these changes?

    Submit your manuscript until October 14th, 2024!

  • Meet the Editor-in-Chief

    Sibel Erduran is a Professor of Science Education and Fellow of St Cross College at University of Oxford, United Kingdom. More...