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Russian Linguistics

International Journal for the Study of Russian and other Slavic Languages

Publishing model:

Aims and scope

Russian Linguistics is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the empirical and theoretical study of Russian and other Slavic languages in all their diversity. It is open to all areas of linguistics, welcoming empirical, theoretical and applied approaches as well as in-depth qualitative and larger-scale quantitative studies from both synchronic and diachronic perspectives.

Russian Linguistics publishes three types of articles: 1) original articles as full reports of data from own research, 2) reviews of recent research (not older than 2 years), 3) squibs as shorter contributions initiating discussions relevant within their field and to the specific question they address.
Russian Linguistics also publishes papers that provide a corpus review or discussion of new language resources, ideally including a small case study to illustrate possible applications of the corpus or resources they discuss. Such papers follow the same format as original articles.

The journal invites submissions written in English or Russian. It is recommended to write in English in order to facilitate a wider outreach in the linguistic community.