Russian Linguistics

International Journal for the Study of Russian and other Slavic Languages

ISSN: 0304-3487 (Print) 1572-8714 (Online)


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This is an international forum for all scholars working in the field of Slavic linguistics (Russian and other Slavic languages) and its manifold diversity, ranging from phonetics and phonology to syntax and the linguistic analysis of texts (text grammar), including both diachronic and synchronic problems.

Coverage in Russian Linguistics includes:

- Traditional-structuralist as well as generative-transformational and other modern approaches to questions of synchronic and diachronic grammar

- Phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatics and semantics of Russian and other Slavic languages (synchronic and diachronic)

- Philological problems of Russian / Old-Russian texts as well as texts in other Slavic languages

- Grammar of Russian and other Slavic languages in their relation to linguistic universals

- History of Russian and other Slavic literary languages

- Slavic dialectology.

Russian Linguistics publishes original articles and reviews as well as surveys of current scholarly writings from other periodicals.

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