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Aims and scope

The Review of Economics of the Household publishes high-quality empirical and theoretical research on the economic behavior and decision-making processes of single and multi-person households. The Review is not wedded to any particular models or methods. It welcomes both macro-economic and micro-level applications.

Household decisions analyzed in this journal include

· household production of human capital, health, nutrition/food, childcare, and eldercare,

· well-being of persons living in households, issues of gender and power,

· fertility and risky behaviors,

· consumption, savings and wealth accumulation,

· labor force participation andtime use,

· household formation (including marriage, cohabitation and fertility) and dissolution,

· migration, intergenerational transfers,

· experiments involving households,

· religiosity and civility.

The journal is particularly interested in policy-relevant economic analyses and equally interested in applications to countries at various levels of economic development. The Perspectives section covers articles on the history of economic thought and review articles.

Officially cited as: Rev Econ Household