ISSN: 1066-3622 (Print) 1608-3288 (Online)


The journal Radiochemistry covers the theoretical and applied aspects of radiochemistry, including chemical aspects of the fundamental nuclear physical properties of radionuclides; chemistry, physical and analytical chemistry, and spectroscopy of radioactive elements and compounds; chemistry of rare earth elements; the occurrence and behavior of natural and artificial radionuclides in the environment; environmental problems of radiochemical industry and atomic energetics; devices and methods for radiochemical analysis; processes and equipment of radiochemical engineering; recovery of radionuclides and the synthesis of labeled compounds; the use of radioactive tracers in chemical studies; radiation chemistry and after-effects of nuclear conversions. Beyond analytical and empirical topics, the journal examines the historical, philosophical, and educational aspects of radiochemistry, and presents book reviews and reviews of radiochemical conferences. Radiochemistry was founded in 1959.

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