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Quality of Life Research

An International Journal of Quality of Life Aspects of Treatment, Care and Rehabilitation - An Official Journal of the International Society of Quality of Life Research

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Quality of Life Research - ISOQOL

About the Society

The International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) is a global community of researchers, clinicians, health care professionals, industry professionals, consultants, and patient research partners advancing health related quality of life research (HRQL).

Together, we are creating a future in which patient perspective is integral to health research, care and policy.

ISOQOL 2020 is Virtual (this opens in a new tab)

2020 THE FUTURE IS NOW: A Vision for the Future of Outcomes Measurement and Quality of Life Research

The year 2020 is commonly used by science-fiction writers to make predictions about the future. Similarly, the ISOQOL 2020 annual conference provides an ideal opportunity for the ISOQOL community to look forward. The 2020 conference in Prague will focus on important developments in collecting, analyzing, interpreting and disseminating patient-centered outcomes data, with an emphasis on what the future might look like for current and future generations of outcomes and quality of life researchers. 

Virtual Conference Schedule: Live vs. On-demand Sessions

Live Sessions: Live conference content will include plenary sessions, roundtables*, workshops* and the Awards and Member Business Meeting.  With the exception of plenary sessions, these events will only be available at their scheduled times. Plenary sessions will be recorded and available on-demand to all registrants for 30 days after the conference. ‚Äč

On-demand Sessions: Registrants will also have access to pre-recorded, on-demand sessions, which will be available for viewing anytime during the virtual conference and for 30 days after the event. These sessions include oral briefs, oral sessions, poster sessions, SIG symposia sessions, symposia sessions and the Tricks of the Trade Presentation.

Learn more about the conference content via the buttons below.

*Seating is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be sure to sign up for these events in advance during the online registration process.

Live Session Schedule (this opens in a new tab)                             
On-Demand Sessions (this opens in a new tab)

ISOQOL MWM Symposium (this opens in a new tab)

Development and Stakeholder Perspectives of Core Outcomes Sets
Core Outcome Sets (COS), standardized collection of patient outcome measures prescribed for specific populations, are being requested and defined by a range of stakeholders including researchers, regulators, payers, physicians, patients, and health care systems with increased frequency. The methods to define and maintain COS are varied.  The differing perspectives of stakeholders may influence clinical research care and medical product development. While outcomes data from COS may help to better evaluate outcomes and quality of care in a standardized way, there remain questions regarding development, implementation, and use of COS, and acceptability of such endpoints for key stakeholders. Measuring What Matters provides a valuable space for exploration of these issues from a variety of perspectives. Learn More

This year's MWM Symposium will take place virtually.  

The health of ISOQOL members and conference attendees is our top priority. The current status of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated global restrictions led ISOQOL leadership to cancel the Measuring What Matters Symposium 2020 as an in-person event. The content will instead be delivered virtually in September. Recordings of the symposium will be archived for future access for registrants unable to attend the live presentations in September.