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Photosynthesis Research
Photosynthesis Research

Official Journal of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research

Publishing model:

Aims and scope

Photosynthesis Research welcomes basic and applied research at all levels of organization – including molecular, subcellular, cellular, whole plants, canopy, ecosystem, and global. Research in all photosynthetic systems, including natural organisms and (semi-)artificial systems are considered.

The breadth of research covered by the journal includes, and is not limited to, the following areas in photosynthesis:
  • Light absorption and emission; excitation energy transfer; charge separation; electron and proton transfer; catalysis
  • Carbon assimilation/metabolism and photorespiration
  • Structure and function
  • Regulatory mechanisms and signaling pathways
  • Ecosystems, agriculture and the environment
  • Climate change, renewable energy and fuels
  • Evolution
Research in photosynthesis employing various disciplines are welcome, including but not limited to biochemistry, biophysics, cell and molecular biology, genomics, theory and modelling. Studies taking an interdisciplinary approach with a broad range of experimental and theoretical techniques are encouraged.