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Journal updates

  • Call for papers: Special Issue on “Artificial Intelligence and related Innovative Technologies in Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Research”

    We welcome contributions from all disciplines to our Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence and related Innovative Technologies in Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Research, which is both timely and relevant considering rapid developments in the area of AI and potential impact on clinical pharmacy practice and research. Submissions should be aligned to the broad field of clinical pharmacy practice, in relation to AI and related Innovative Technologies, and within the scope of the journal.

    Deadline for manuscript submission: 31 January 2025.

    Planned date of publication: Summer 2025.

  • IJCP publishes the ‘Granada statements’.

    New Content Item

    As has occurred in other health care areas (i.e., medicine and nursing), a group of clinical and social pharmacy practice journal editors gathered in Granada, Spain to discuss how journals could contribute to strengthening pharmacy practice as a discipline.

    The result of that meeting was compiled in these Granada Statements, which comprise 18 recommendations gathered into six topics...

  • Best Paper and Best Reviewer 2023

    We are delighted to announce the awards for the Best Paper and Best Reviewer for 2023.

    The winners will receive a certificate in the name of Foppe van Mil, the founding editor of the journal.

  • Instructions for authors

    The instructions for authors have recently been updated for all new submissions.

    There are key changes to the structure of Reviews, Research articles and Short research reports and also to the presentation of references in the references section. The new instructions are collated into a ‘Manuscript Type Manual’ which is given in the ‘Article types and formats’ under the submission guidelines

  • EQUATOR checklists

    The EQUATOR (Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research) Network is an international initiative that seeks to improve the reliability and value of published health research literature by promoting transparent and accurate reporting and wider use of robust reporting guidelines.

    For Review articles, Research articles and Short research reports, the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy requires the use of an appropriate reporting guideline. Authors must submit a completed checklist for the relevant guideline, indicating the manuscript page on which each checklist item is found. Editable checklists for reporting guidelines can be found on the EQUATOR Network site,  which also gives general information on how to choose the correct guideline and why guidelines are important. Using a checklist helps to ensure that the guideline has been used correctly. At minimum, the article must report the content addressed by each item of the identified checklist or state that the item was not considered in the study and, if relevant, the reason why not (for example, if you did not use blinding, the article should explain this). Meeting these basic reporting requirements will greatly improve the value of the paper, may facilitate/enhance the peer review process, and may enhance its chances for eventual publication.

    Checklists are not simply an administrative hurdle. We ask this to be completed to check that all of the important information has been included in your article, and because it helps the editors and reviewers to complete the same check.

  • Journal checklist

    In addition, each submission to the journal must be accompanied by a completed IJCP checklist which can be accessed here. This helps to ensure that all submissions are in accordance with the instructions for authors