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Aims and scope

International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy is one of several journals in comportment with the Granada Statements publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed content in health services research specifically as it relates to some aspect of the medication use process. The medication use process includes but is not limited to the prescribing, preparation, dispensing, administration, adherence to, evaluation, monitoring, and outcomes associated with legend or with over-the-counter medications, incorporating the concept of clinical pharmacy which aims to optimize utilization of medicines to achieve person-centered and public health goals. The medication use process includes attitudes, perspectives, knowledge, and behaviors of any actor in this process, including prescribers, pharmacists, pharmacy personnel, other health practitioners, patients, and caregivers. As such, the Granada Group journals often refer to “pharmacy” in their title or description, as these persons are central to medication use process; however, research articles reviews, and commentaries can refer to any person involved in this process, as well as any evaluation (e.g., pharmaceoepidemiological) of the drug products themselves or systems employed to optimize the use process.
The Granada Group journals share certain commonalities and also goals to improve the medication use process and the outcomes emanating from this endeavor; however, each journal has an established niche and optimally suited for certain types of manuscripts. Further description of the aims and scopes of International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy follows below:

The aim of the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy is to provide a medium for the publication of articles in the broad field of clinical pharmacy and related subjects. The editors therefore welcome original contributions on the above-mentioned fields and especially on the following:

  • Development, implementation and evaluation of clinical pharmacy services
  • Efficacy, effectiveness, efficiency and safety of medicines and related medical devices
  • Adherence
  • Applied pharmacogenomics, pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine
  • Clinical pharmacy and medicines related policy and guideline developments
  • Clinical pharmacy related education, training and professional development
  • Informatics and automation
  • Information on medicines and related medical devices
  • Medication management
  • Pharmaceutical care
  • Pharmaceutical public health
  • Pharmacoeconomics
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Related research methodologies and methods


The journal welcomes papers in the following categories: Review articles, Research articles, Short research reports, Commentaries, ESCP best practice papers and Letters to the Editor. Case reports are not considered for publication.


AII submissions (including Commentaries and, if necessary, Letters) will be peer-reviewed by experts. This is a single blinded procedure.


Until 2010 the journal was called Pharmacy World & Science.