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Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing - New Content Item

In this section the editors want to highlight articles, which received high attention in 2023 either via citations received or downloads. Congratulations to the authors.

last update 16. January 2024

Top 10 of downloaded articles published in 2023

Open AccessHeat Transfer Mechanisms in Arcs of Various Gases at Atmospheric Pressure by Rodrigo Villarreal-Medina, Anthony B. Murphy, Patricio F. Méndez & Marco A. Ramírez-Argáez

TributeThe Dielectric Barrier Discharge and the Start of a Beautiful Friendship: Personal Remembrance of Dr. Ulrich Kogelschatz by Mounir Laroussi

Open AccessAtmospheric Non-thermal Plasma Reduction of Natively Oxidized Iron Surfaces by Viktor Udachin, Lienhard Wegewitz, Maik Szafarska, Sebastian Dahle, René Gustus & Wolfgang Maus-Friedrichs

Open AccessReviewBarrier Discharges in Science and Technology Since 2003: A Tribute and Update by Ronny Brandenburg, Kurt H.  Becker & Klaus-Dieter Weltmann

Open AccessEffects of DBD Direct Air Plasma and Gliding Arc Indirect Plasma Activated Mist on Germination, and Physiological Parameters of Rice Seed by Mohamed El Shaer, Mohamed Abdel-azim, Hala El-welily, Yasser Hussein, Amira Abdelghani, Ahmed Zaki & Mona Mobasher

Open AccessPerspective Combination of DBD and Catalysts for CH4 and CO2 Conversion: Basics and Applications by Tomohiro Nozaki, Xiaozhong Chen, Dae-Yeong Kim & Chunyuan Zhan

Open AccessLow-Temperature Plasma Oxidation of Aluminum by Ar-O2 Mixtures in a Dielectric-Barrier Discharge Reactor by Claus-Peter Klages, Antje Jung, Meret Leonie Betz & Vitaly Raev

Open AccessNon-Oxidative Ethane Dehydrogenation in a Packed-Bed DBD Plasma Reactor by Fabio Cameli, Panagiotis Dimitrakellis, Georgios D. Stefanidis & Dionisios G. Vlachos

Open AccessNode-of-Influence Network Analysis for Targeted Condition Sequencing in Plasma Chemical Reaction Networks by Thomas D. Holmes, Bryony C. Moody & William B. J. Zimmerman

Open AccessReview Recent Trends in Plasma-Assisted CO2 Methanation: A Critical Review of Recent Studies by Sana Ullah, Yuan Gao, 

Liguang Dou, Yadi Liu, Tao Shao, Yunxia Yang & Anthony B. Murphy

Top 10 articles with recent citations published since 1981

Dielectric-Barrier Discharges: Their History, Discharge Physics, and Industrial Applications by Kogelschatz, Ulrich 

Decomposition of Toluene with a Combined Plasma Photolysis (CPP) Reactor: Influence of UV Irradiation and Byproduct Analysis by Chen, J., Liu, J., Liu, X.; Xu, X.; Zhong, F.

Effect of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma on the Wheat Seedlings Vigor and on the Inactivation of Microorganisms on the Seeds Surface by Zahoranová, A.; Henselová, M.; Hudecová, D.; Kaliňáková, B.; Kováčik, D.; Medvecká, V.; Černák, M.   

Synthesis and Characterization of Oxygen Vacancy Induced Narrow Bandgap Tungsten Oxide (WO3−x) Nanoparticles by Plasma Discharge in Liquid and Its Photocatalytic Activity by Palash Jyoti Boruah, Rakesh Ruchel Khanikar & H. Bailung

Effect of Low-Temperature Plasma on the Structure of Seeds, Growth and Metabolism of Endogenous Phytohormones in Pea (Pisum sativum L.) by Tibor Stolárik, Mária Henselová, Michal Martinka, Ondřej Novák, Anna Zahoranová & Mirko Černák


Transport coefficients of argon, nitrogen, oxygen, argon-nitrogen, and argon-oxygen plasmas by Murphy, A. B.; Arundell, C. J.

ReviewPlasma Catalysis for Environmental Treatment and Energy Applications by Kim, Hyun-Ha; Teramoto, Yoshiyuki; Ogata, Atsushi; Takagi, Hideyuki; Nanba, Tetsuya 

ReviewPlasma Surface Modification of Biomedical Polymers: Influence on Cell-Material Interaction by Tinneke Jacobs, Rino Morent, Nathalie De Geyter, Peter Dubruel & Christophe Leys

ReviewPlasma Assisted Low Temperature Combustion by Yiguang Ju, Joseph K. Lefkowitz, Christopher B. Reuter, Sang Hee Won, Xueliang Yang, Suo Yang, Wenting Sun, Zonglin Jiang & Qi Chen

Floating Electrode Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma in Air Promoting Apoptotic Behavior in Melanoma Skin Cancer Cell Lines by Gregory Fridman, Alexey Shereshevsky, Monika M. Jost, Ari D. Brooks, Alexander Fridman, Alexander Gutsol, Victor Vasilets & Gary Friedman