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Aims and scope

Publishing original papers on fundamental and applied research in plasma chemistry and plasma processing, the scope of this journal includes processing plasmas ranging from non-thermal plasmas to thermal plasmas, and fundamental plasma studies as well as studies of specific plasma applications. Such applications include but are not limited to plasma catalysis, environmental processing including treatment of liquids and gases, biological applications of plasmas including plasma medicine and agriculture, surface modification and deposition, powder and nanostructure synthesis, energy applications including plasma combustion and reforming, resource recovery, coupling of plasmas and electrochemistry, and plasma etching. Studies of chemical kinetics in plasmas, and the interactions of plasmas with surfaces are also solicited. It is essential that submissions include substantial consideration of the role of the plasma, for example, the relevant plasma chemistry, plasma physics or plasma–surface interactions; manuscripts that consider solely the properties of materials or substances processed using a plasma are not within the journal’s scope.