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Discover Life
Publishing model:
Open access

Aims and scope


We are pleased to announce that Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres became fully open access (OA) on 1 January 2024 and moved into our Discover series as Discover Life. As a result, all submissions are subject to an article publication charge (APC) if accepted (unless a waiver is applied) and will be published in Discover Life. Please see our FAQs journal update for more information on APCs, funding options, and waivers. 


Discover Life is a fully open access, peer-reviewed journal that supports multidisciplinary research and policy developments across all fields relevant to life science. The journal aims to be a resource for researchers, policy makers and the general public for recent advances in life science, and its uses in research development and society. As a fully open access journal, we ensure that our research is highly discoverable and instantly available globally to everyone. The journal particularly welcomes work that aims to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially, Good Health and Well-Being; Life below Water, Life on Land.



Topics welcomed at Discover Life include but are not limited to the following:

  • Biodiversity, taxonomy, and evolutionary biology

Species discovery, classification, phylogenetics, systematics, natural selection, adaptation, speciation, evolutionary theory, paleobiology, genetic drift.

  • Ecology, ecosystem dynamics, and conservation

Biotic interactions, habitat studies, population dynamics, community ecology, habitat restoration, conservation strategies, biodiversity hotspots, sustainable practices.

  • Molecular biology and genomics

Genomics, proteomics, cell signaling, metabolic pathways, gene expression, genetic variation, DNA sequencing, functional genomics, epigenetics.

  • Physiology, adaptation, and animal science

Homeostasis, stress responses, thermoregulation, animal behavior, animal physiology, zoology, ethology, animal nutrition.

  • Human, animal, and plant interactions

Ethology, domestication, wildlife management, botany, plant pathology, plant genetics, horticultural therapy, crop science.

  • Technological innovations and computational biology

Biotechnology, bioinformatics, imaging techniques, genomics tools, systems biology, biological modeling, statistical genetics, evolutionary algorithms.

  • Microbiology and disease dynamics

Pathogens, virology, bacteriology, mycology, microbial physiology, antibiotic resistance, zoonotic diseases.

  • Biology, society, and global challenges

Bioethics, biology education, science communication, biology and culture, science policy, global health challenges, societal implications.

  • Paleontology and earth's biological history

Fossil record, paleoecology, evolutionary history, stratigraphy, ancient environments, extinction events.


Content types

Discover Life welcomes a variety of article types – please see our submission guidelines for details. The journal also publishes guest-edited Topical Collections of relevance to all aspects of life science and its applications. For more information, please follow up with our journal publishing contact.