Nonlinear Oscillations

ISSN: 1536-0059 (Online)


Starting with 2012 publication the Nonlinear Oscillations is incorporated in the Journal of Mathematical Sciences. For more information, please follow the link:

The journal Nonlinear Oscillations covers research in the qualitative theory of differential or functional differential equations with a special emphasis to the oscillatory behavior of solutions. The journal features papers concerning the qualitative analysis of differential equations with the help of symbolic calculus systems as well as papers that deal with applications of the theory of ordinary and functional differential equations in various fields of mathematical biology, electronics, and medicine.

Nonlinear Oscillations covers the following topics:

  • General problems of oscillation theory and nonlinear mechanics
  • Multifrequency oscillations theory
  • Asymptotic, iterative, and other approximate methods for solving differential equations
  • Qualitative methods of studying differential equations
  • Delay differential equations, equations with impulses and random perturbations
  • Theory of boundary value problems for ordinary differential and functional differential equations
  • Applications.

Nonlinear Oscillations is a translation of the peer-reviewed Ukrainian journal Nelineinye Kolebaniya.

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