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Molecular Breeding

New Strategies in Plant Improvement

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Molecular Breeding - Call for Reading: Top 10 Downloaded Articles in 2021-2022

We have selected 10 highly downloaded articles published in 2021-2022 as below. We hope the journal readers will enjoy reading those articles and recommending them to their colleagues!

  1. [Open Access] Liu, S., Qin, F. Genetic dissection of maize drought tolerance for trait improvement. Mol Breeding 41, 8 (2021). 
  2. [Open Access] Zhu, M., Tong, L., Xu, M. et al. Genetic dissection of maize disease resistance and its applications in molecular breeding Mol Breeding 41, 32 (2021). 
  3. Nuccio, M.L., Claeys, H. & Heyndrickx, K.S. CRISPR-Cas technology in corn: a new key to unlock genetic knowledge and create novel products. Mol Breeding 41, 11 (2021). 
  4. Saini, D.K., Chopra, Y., Singh, J. et al. Comprehensive evaluation of mapping complex traits in wheat using genome-wide association studies. Mol Breeding 42, 1 (2022). 
  5. [Open Access] Huang, J., Gao, L., Luo, S. et al. The genetic editing of GS3 via CRISPR/Cas9 accelerates the breeding of three-line hybrid rice with superior yield and grain quality. Mol Breeding 42, 22 (2022). 
  6. Chen, Dg., Zhou, Xq., Chen, K. et al. Fine-mapping and candidate gene analysis of a major locus controlling leaf thickness in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Mol Breeding 42, 6 (2022). 
  7. [Open Access] Chen, Z., Gallavotti, A. Improving architectural traits of maize inflorescences. Mol Breeding 41, 21 (2021). 
  8. [Open Access] Zhao, H., Savin, K.W., Li, Y. et al. Genome-wide association studies dissect the G × E interaction for agronomic traits in a worldwide collection of safflowers (Carthamus tinctorius L.). Mol Breeding 42, 24 (2022). 
  9. [Open Access] Inturrisi, F., Bayer, P.E., Cantila, A.Y. et al. In silico integration of disease resistance QTL, genes and markers with the Brassica juncea physical map. Mol Breeding 42, 37 (2022). 
  10. [Open Access] Katz, A., Byrne, P., Reid, S. et al. Identification and validation of a QTL for spikelet number on chromosome arm 6BL of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Mol Breeding 42, 17 (2022).