Volume 4, Issue 10, October 1961

ISSN: 0543-1972 (Print) 1573-8906 (Online)

In this issue (31 articles)

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    Mechanical Measurements

    Precision devices for measuring small moments

    I. S. Demidov Pages 796-800
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    Mechanical Measurements

    Checking strain gauges on the PKM set

    B. N. Vorontsov Pages 800-801
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    Electrical Measurements

    Dynamic AC potentiometer

    T. M. Aliev, V. P. Stepanov Pages 813-818
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    Electrical Measurements

    New DC stabilizer circuit

    N. N. Evtikhiev Pages 818-820
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    Electrical Measurements

    Errors in the beat method

    M. Kh. Shliomovich Pages 820-821
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    Electrical Measurements

    Universal AVO meters

    N. I. Tyurin, A. M. Lyubarskaya, V. P. Boguslavskii Pages 824-826
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    Liquid and Gas Flow Measurements

    Construction of capacitive level gauges

    K. B. Karandeev, F. B. Grinevich, A. I. Novik Pages 835-838
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