Volume 20, Issue 3, November 2011

ISSN: 0815-0796 (Print) 1467-9981 (Online)

In this issue (34 articles)

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    Book Review

    Logic problems

    Yannis Stephanou Pages 501-504
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    Book Review

    Remembering Kolmogorov

    Paul M. B. Vitányi Pages 509-511
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    Essay Review

    Cybernetics as a usable past

    Ronald R. Kline Pages 519-524
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    Book Review

    Putting the mangle to the test

    Stephen Healy Pages 525-528
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    Book Review

    In search of human uniqueness

    Elsa Addessi Pages 533-536
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    Essay Review

    Welcome to the jumble

    Steven French Pages 543-548
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