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Landscape Ecology
Publishing model:
Open access

Landscape Ecology - Landscape Sustainability Science

Guest Editor

Jianguo (Jingle) Wu, School of Life Sciences and School of Sustainability, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA

Theme & Objective

Landscape ecology focuses on the effects of landscape pattern and its changes on biodiversity, ecological processes, and ecosystem services with the ultimate goal of understanding and improving landscape sustainability.

Building on and expanding beyond the fundamentals of landscape ecology, landscape sustainability science (LSS) aims to provide a transdisciplinary science foundation for landscape sustainability by emphatically interrogating the landscape pattern-ecosystem services-human wellbeing nexus.

Since the term was coined in 2013, LSS research has been flourishing. The main objective of this topical collection is to help enhance landscape ecology’s relevance to sustainability and move LSS forward. Thus, it includes selected articles on landscape sustainability already published in Landscape Ecology, and new articles on the topic that continue to be published in this journal.  

We welcome new submissions to this topical collection that address the core questions in landscape sustainability science. Papers that focus on the landscape pattern-ecosystem services-human wellbeing relationship and landscape approaches that address any of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are particularly welcome. 

Students and Early Career Researchers1 are especially encouraged to submit.

1 Cannot be combined with an APC token.


  • Please follow the submission guidelines and our checklist.
  • Please submit online via SNAPP and select article type “Topical Collection: Landscape Sustainability Science”.

Landscape Ecology is an open access journal in which an article processing charge applies. Please see our Journal Pricing FAQs for general APC information and our APC Funding & Support Services for assistance.

Members of the International Association for Landscape Ecology are entitled to a discount off the APC of their accepted paper in Landscape Ecology. Members should send their APC token2 request directly to the IALE Vice-Secretary General.

2 Cannot be combined with the SERC incentive.

Foundational Articles*

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*Enjoy view-only access via Springer Nature SharedIt content-sharing initiative

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About the Guest Editor

Prof. Jianguo Wu’s research covers a range of topics in landscape ecology, landscape sustainability science, and urban ecology. His current research is understanding the landscape pattern–biodiversity–ecosystem function–ecosystem services–human wellbeing nexus, its relationships, key drivers/underlying processes, and social-ecological consequences. In collaboration with students and colleagues, Prof. Wu’s studies have included grasslands, deserts, and urban ecosystems in China and the US, among others. He also authored 16 books and ±380 papers, and has been a Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher in Environment & Ecology and Cross-Field. Prof. Wu’s CV can be viewed here.

Contact Information

Jianguo Wu
School of Life Sciences and School of Sustainability
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ

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