Volume 219, Issue 2, November 2016

This issue is a translation of Problemy Matematicheskogo Analiza (Problems in Mathematical Analysis), No. 86, July 2016. Editorial Board of PMA: N. Uraltseva (Main Editor), N. Ivochkina, A. Laptev, B. Makarov, V. Maz’ya, V. Osmolovskii, B. Plamenevskii, G. Rozenblyum, D. Yafaev. Invited Editors: A. A. Davydov and V. V. Zhikov. Translated into English and edited by Tamara Rozhkovskaya (rozhk@math.nsc.ru). This issue presents contributions of the participants of “International Conference on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems.” Suzdal, Russia, July, 2014.

ISSN: 1072-3374 (Print) 1573-8795 (Online)

In this issue (14 articles)