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Aims and scope

Journal of Psycholinguistic Research publishes carefully selected papers from the several disciplines engaged in psycholinguistic research, providing a single, recognized medium for communications among linguists, psycholinguistics, psychologists, biologists, sociologists, anthropologists, and others. The journal covers a broad range of approaches to the study of the communicative process in monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual contexts, including the following:
  • The social and anthropological bases of communication
  • Development of speech and language
  • Semantics and problems in linguistic meaning
  • Language acquisition and biological foundations

Also considered appropriate topics for publication in the journal are manuscripts dealing with the psychopathology of language and cognition related to the following:
  • Neurogenerative diseases
  • The neuropsychology of language and cognition
  • Linguistic analysis of criminal and psychopathological communication
  • Computational psycholinguistics
  • Psycholinguistics of inclusive language

The journal will not only consider full-length manuscripts, but also brief reports and thoughtful commentaries about psycholinguistic issues previously published in this journal. The journal is seeking to encourage an active exchange of ideas about innovative approaches to psycholinguistic research among members of the scientific community.