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Aims and scope

The Journal of Economic Growth, is designed to serve as the principal outlet for theoretical as well as empirical research in economic growth and dynamic macroeconomics. The editorial board consists of prominent researchers in the fields of economic growth, dynamic macroeconomics, international economics, urban economics, migration, and development, who are committed to academic excellence. Members of the editorial board are actively involved in the refereeing process of each paper and assure that the review process is of an exceptional quality. Furthermore, the journal commits itself to a timely response. The journal encourages the submission of high quality research broadly concerned with:

Neoclassical Growth Models
Endogenous Growth Models
Income Distribution and Growth
Human Capital and Growth
Fertility and Growth
Trade and Growth
Development and Growth
Financial Development and Growth
Migration and Growth
Endogenous Technological Change
Money and Growth
Political Economy and Growth
Overlapping-Generations Models
Economic Fluctuations.

5-Year Impact Factor: 6.032 (2008)*
Subject Category "Economics": Rank 3 of 209  

Officially cited as: J Econ Growth