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Aims and scope

Journal of Chemical Ecology is devoted to promoting an ecological understanding of the origin, function, and significance of natural chemicals that mediate interactions within and between organisms. Such relationships, often adaptively important, comprise the oldest of communication systems in terrestrial and aquatic environments. With recent advances in methodology for elucidating structures of the chemical compounds involved, a strong interdisciplinary association has developed between chemists and biologists which should accelerate understanding of these interactions in nature.

Scientific contributions, including review articles, are welcome from either members or nonmembers of the International Society of Chemical Ecology. Manuscripts must be in English and may include original research in biological and/or chemical aspects of chemical ecology. They may include substantive observations of interactions in nature, the elucidation of the chemical compounds involved, the mechanisms of their production and reception, and the translation of such basic information into survey and control protocols. Sufficient biological and chemical detail should be given to substantiate conclusions and to permit results to be evaluated and reproduced.

Letters to the Editor provide an opportunity for opinion, discussion and rebuttal.

Journal of Chemical Ecology is the official journal of the International Society of Chemical Ecology (

It is also the official journal of the Asia-Pacific Association of Chemical Ecologists ( and the Latin American Association of Chemical Ecology  (