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Journal of Oceanography

edited by The Oceanographic Society of Japan

Publishing model:

Journal of Oceanography - Announcement from the society

Change of Policy

During the long publishing history of the Journal of Oceanography, the Oceanographic Society of Japan had charged authors for publication several times. Since 2011, when the journal moved to publish with Springer, the publication fee was waived. However, for several reasons, we have decided to charge this fee again starting from August 1st, 2014. The following rule applies to all articles submitted after August 1st, and the authors will be invoiced after the manuscript has been accepted. 

If the first author is a member of the Oceanographic Society of Japan when submitting the manuscript: 20,000 JPY (*Exception applies. Please see “Open Choice” below for details.)

If the first author is NOT a member of the Oceanographic Society of Japan when submitting the manuscript: 50,000 JPY.

We ask for your kind understanding with regard to this decision.

Open Choice

The authors of Journal of Oceanography can now select Open Choice for their papers when they are accepted;

Open Choice

With the Open Choice, the authors can keep the copyright and distribute their pdf files freely. Anybody can download the pdf files and use the figures and tables in the paper as long as they write the reference and link to Creative Commons License.To select Open Choice, the authors have to pay the publication charge to Springer. The Member of the Oceanographic Society of Japan is exempted to pay the listing fee of ¥20,000 to Oceanographic Society of Japan.

Short Contribution

From the submission of October 1, 2016, we limit the length of the Short Contribution less than 3500 words with less than 5 figures and/or tables, and the abstract should be shorter than 100 words. Details can be found in the Instruction for the authors of homepage of Journal of Oceanography.