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Aims and scope

The Journal of Automated Reasoning is dedicated to the theory, implementation, and applications of logical reasoning by computer. The topics of interest are connected to computer science, mathematics, and philosophy. They include the development and use of automatic theorem provers, formal proof assistants, and related software tools such as model checkers; the design and study of the underlying logics and the theoretical properties of the proof systems used for discovering and expressing formal proofs; and the use of artificial intelligence techniques to guide the search for a proof.

Scientific and industrial applications are invaluable as case studies. They may concern the verification of hardware or software, where they can be used to establish correctness or security properties, or the formalization of mathematics, among many areas. Successful verification efforts yield lessons on how to use the tools better and how to enhance them. They also point to a future in which formal verification will be routine for critical computing infrastructure and for research in mathematics, computer science, and other disciplines that could benefit from the convenience and rigor of automated reasoning.