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International Ophthalmology
International Ophthalmology

The International Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Publishing model:

Aims and scope

International Ophthalmology provides the clinician with articles on all the relevant subspecialties of ophthalmology, with a broad international scope. The emphasis is on presentation of the latest clinical research in the field. In addition, the journal includes regular sections devoted to new developments in technologies, products, and techniques, as well as basic research projects.
International Ophthalmology seeks very high quality research papers with a significant basic science, clinical and social impact. These papers may relate to animal models, innovative diagnostic techniques, advances in therapy, or significant findings in relevant diseases.
International Ophthalmology also welcomes high-quality review articles, meta-analyses, and large cohort studies.
International Ophthalmology accordingly accepts the article categories Original Article and Review and Letters to the Editor, acceptance being based on provision of outstanding quality for readers.
In summary, International Ophthalmology is a journal that updates readers on the latest both basic and clinical research findings across the entire spectrum of ophthalmology with the goal of advancing disease management.