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Aims and scope

The International Journal of Fracture is an outlet for original analytical, numerical and experimental contributions which provide improved understanding of the mechanisms of micro and macro fracture in all materials, and their engineering implications.

The Journal is pleased to receive papers from engineers and scientists working in various aspects of fracture. Contributions emphasizing empirical correlations, unanalyzed experimental results or routine numerical computations, while representing important necessary aspects of certain fatigue, strength, and fracture analyses, will normally be discouraged; occasional review papers in these as well as other areas are welcomed. Innovative and in-depth engineering applications of fracture theory are also encouraged.

In addition, the Journal welcomes, for rapid publication, Brief Notes in Fracture and Micromechanics which serve the Journal's Objective. Brief Notes include: Brief presentation of a new idea, concept or method; new experimental observations or methods of significance; short notes of quality that do not amount to full length papers; discussion of previously published work in the Journal, and Brief Notes Errata.