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Aims and scope

Aims and Scope

Research advances over the past decades have in many cases transformed advanced cancer from a lethal diagnosis to a manageable chronic condition; in some cases, advanced cancers can even be cured.  These advances have been driven by fundamental research into the mechanisms which malignant transformation subverts the machinery of the cancer cell and impacts the tumor microenvironment.  Translational work guided by these basic discoveries has led to better strategies for cancer prevention, guided the creation of new targeted cancer therapies, and spurred the performance of clinical trials to assess efficacy of new therapeutic modalities.  The volume of publications on these topics is vast, and increasing, and the need for thoughtful analysis and synopsis is greater than ever.

The goal of Cancer & Metastasis Reviews is to highlight recent significant advances in basic, translational, and clinical research, emphasizing studies that have high impact for control of cancer, or have outstanding potential in this regard.  Topics that will be considered include:
  • Function of oncogenes and tumor suppressors
  • Regulation of cell death in cancer
  • Control of cell cycle and DNA repair in cancer
  • Inflammation and immune system defects related to carcinogenesis
  • Impact of the microbiome on carcinogenesis and therapeutic response
  • Changes in cell metabolism linked to transformation
  • Genetic and epigenetic changes during tumor formation, progression, metastasis, and response to treatment
  • Tumor microenvironment, pre-metastatic and metastatic niches, and tumor dormancy
  • Aging and cancer
  • Development of molecularly targeted cancer therapies, including cellular therapies and immunotherapies, and clinical trials of such agents
  • Biological and molecular factors related to cancer risk, cancer prevention, and cancer interception
  • Systems biology and computational biology technologies for identification and characterization of cancer targets
  • Technologies for early detection of new or recurrent tumors, and for monitoring response to treatment
  • Predictive and prognostic biomarkers for cancer therapy.
  • Cancer Disparities

Founding Editors

Isaiah J. Fidler, PhD
Garth L. Nicolson(Emeritus), PhD
George Poste, PhD, Arizona State University, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA