BT Technology Journal

ISSN: 1358-3948 (Print) 1573-1995 (Online)


The BT Technology Journal presents papers by researchers and engineers working at the cutting edge of optical communications materials, advanced networks, visual communications, network management and OSS, speech processing, information technology, human factors and more.

Papers are grouped by subject area and published quarterly as special issues on particular themes.

BTexact Technologies is a world leader in telecommunications research, design, development and systems integration.

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Latest Articles

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    Mike Carr (July 2007)

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    Speaking and listening

    Assessing human perception

    M. P. Hollier, G. Cosier (July 2007)

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    A diet rich in fibre

    Designing a 21st and 22nd century fibre broadband access network

    R. P. Davey, D. Payne, P. Barker, K. Smith, M. Wilkinson (July 2007)