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Boundary-Layer Meteorology
Boundary-Layer Meteorology

An International Journal of Physical, Chemical and Biological Processes in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

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Aims and scope

Boundary-Layer Meteorology publishes fundamental research on physical, chemical, and biological processes occurring within the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL), the lowest few kilometres of the Earth’s atmosphere. These processes regulate exchanges of natural and anthropogenic quantities, thus directly affecting contemporary issues at the nexus of sustainability, climate variability, and human health. To this extent, technical results presented in Boundary-Layer Meteorology are aligned with overarching directives recently established in Springer Nature’s “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Programme.” During its existence, Boundary-Layer Meteorology has been the premiere avenue of dissemination of theoretical, numerical, and experimental ABL studies. The technical scope broadly encompasses the role of turbulent mixing in terrestrial land– and ocean–atmosphere interactions, the hydrologic cycle, multiscale meteorology, and the parametrization of small-scale processes. Topics of future interest include processes affecting sustainability and human health, for example, the nitrogen cycle, solar yield, and desertification. Research concerning boundary-layer processes on other astronomical objects – particularly Mars, Venus, and Titan – is also welcomed. Special Issue volumes dedicated to a comprehensive review of a specific topic are occasionally published.