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Aims and scope

What we publish

Biology & Philosophy aims to publish the best original work in philosophy of biology, broadly understood to span conceptual, theoretical, and methodological issues in the biological sciences. It is aimed at a broad readership across the sciences and humanities, and welcomes submissions from authors in these disciplines.  

Biology & Philosophy publishes Original Research articles. There is no fixed word count or page length, however the content of the article should warrant the length. In our experience this means articles are usually above 5,000 words and below 15,000 words. We are open to receive submissions that have a different length as long as the content and form adheres to that of a research article.

Professional Standards

Manuscripts submitted in Biology & Philosophy should take into account the existing literature on the topic of submission. Submissions that do not this will not be published. 

Blind Review

Papers submitted to Biology & Philosophy should be prepared for blind review. Those that are not blinded will be returned to the author.