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An International Journal on the Role of Metal Ions in Biology, Biochemistry and Medicine

Publishing model:

Aims and scope

BioMetals is a well established, international, multidisciplinary journal solely devoted to the rapid publication of articles and reviews in this unique field. BioMetals features the fundamental advances in both basic and applied research which involve the role of metal ions in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and medicine.

BioMetals topic areas include:

  • structures of new metal binding ligands, their interaction with proteins and membrane receptors as well as the biosynthesis
  • gene regulation and metabolic pathways of intra- and extracellular metal binding compounds
  • Homeostasis of essential metals
  • the protection against metal toxicity by metalloregulatory proteins and the prevention of reactive oxygen species caused by certain metal ions
  • transport proteins, transcription factors and cellular sensors that play a pivotal role in the uptake, efflux and storage of metal ions like iron, zinc, copper and other metal ions

BioMetals provides a forum for new research and clinical results on the structure and function of metal ions, metal chelates, siderophores, metal-containing proteins and biominerals in all kinds of biosystems. Thus, metal ions in bacterial, fungal, plant, animal and other eukaryotic cells are all considered. Biosorption, bioremediation and environmental pollution studies may be submitted, provided that they give an insight into novel molecular mechanisms or important developments in practical applications.

BioMetals is the premier journal for the presentation of data on metals relevant to medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology, cell biology, chemistry and plant physiology.

Note to Authors: The journal has seen a great increase in  manuscripts submitted whose primary subject matter is not really suitable for publication in BioMetals. To avoid potential disappointment we wish to remind prospective authors that BioMetals only publishes papers that highlight the role, mechanisms and biological activity of metals and their complexes. Studies of metal containing nanoparticles, disease treatment modalities etc. that do not focus on the metal ions themselves or where the metal ions activity is secondary or not elucidated at all are usually better suited to more specialized journals.