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Aims and scope

Founded in 1992, Biodiversity and Conservation is an international journal that publishes articles on all aspects of biological diversity, its conservation, and sustainable use. It is multidisciplinary and covers living organisms of all kinds in any habitat, focusing on studies using novel or little-used approaches, and ones from less studied biodiversity rich regions or habitats. It also features rapid assessment approaches, the estimation of species numbers and diversity (by traditional, molecular, or proxy indicator methods), habitat management, conservation policy and regulations, threats, biodiversity loss, extinctions, and the documenting of long-term changes, and ex-situ conservation.

It includes reviews, research papers, editorials, commentaries, and letters, and sometimes whole issues devote to particular topics.

In addition, the journal provides a forum for examining conflicts between conservation, sustainable development, and human dependence on biodiversity in agriculture, environmental management, and biotechnology, and encourages contributions from developing countries to promote broad global perspectives on matters of biodiversity and conservation.

  • Devoted to the publication of articles on all aspects of biological diversity and conservation
  • International in scope and coverage
  • Covers all kinds of life on Earth
  • Welcomes contributions from less developed but biodiversity rich countries to ensure a global perspective
  • 14 issues per year with full colour figures
  • Online First publication
  • Editor-in-Chief: David L. Hawksworth (Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and Natural History Museum London)

Note that, unless of value as case studies using novel approaches, the journal rarely accepts papers on single species not of major importance or concern, or studies documenting local biodiversity. It does not consider checklists, taxonomic revisions, descriptions of new species, base-line studies, or captive breeding.