Volume 16, Issue 8, August 2018

Special issue: From Global to Regional and Country-based Seismic Hazard Modeling - A sample case: Global hazard models, Earthquake Model of the Middle East (EMME) and Revision of Turkish Seismic Hazard Map Projects

ISSN: 1570-761X (Print) 1573-1456 (Online)

In this issue (13 articles)

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    Original Research Paper

    Evolution of seismic hazard maps in Turkey

    S. Akkar, T. Azak, T. Çan, U. Çeken Pages 3197-3228
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    Original Research Paper

    Seismotectonic database of Turkey

    Tamer Y. Duman, Tolga Çan, Ömer Emre Pages 3277-3316