Volume 78, Issue 4, April 2017

ISSN: 0005-1179 (Print) 1608-3032 (Online)

In this issue (17 articles)

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    Control in Social Economic Systems, Medicine, and Biology

    Discrete-event diagnostic model for a distributed computational system. Merging chains

    A. M. Gruzlikov, N. V. Kolesov Pages 682-688
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    Computer-Aided Information Control Systems, Process Control Systems

    Hierarchical robust systems for magnetic plasma control in tokamaks with adaptation

    N. M. Kartsev, Yu. V. Mitrishkin, M. I. Patrov Pages 700-713
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    Mathematical Game Theory and Applications

    Altruistic behavior in a nonantagonistic positional differential game

    A. F. Kleimenov Pages 762-769