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Archives of Sexual Behavior

The Official Publication of the International Academy of Sex Research

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Journal updates

  • Now Accepting Brief Reports

    Brief Reports are original research and/or preliminary findings presented in a more succinct way and with fewer details than regular articles. Brief Reports should be empirical in nature and follow the structure of a typical manuscript (Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion). Brief Reports can describe new findings that have an immediate impact on the field of sex/gender research, present new data on controversial issues, or point to conceptual, cutting-edge implications. If methodologically sound, Brief Reports may present null findings or the non-reproducibility of prior research.

    Brief Reports should be no longer than 3500-4000 words: the abstract, references, and figure and table captions are excluded from the word count. There is no limit to the number of figures, tables, or references included. Supplementary material (i.e., information tangential to the main paper) is allowed. Narrative literature reviews or meta-analyses will not be considered for Brief Reports. Qualitative reports may not be appropriate for Brief Reports.

    Brief Reports will be subject to standard masked peer review (2-3 reviewers). In your cover letter, please provide the rationale for submission as a Brief Report rather than submission as a regular Article.