Archives and Museum Informatics

Cultural Heritage Informatics Quarterly

ISSN: 1042-1467 (Print) 1573-7500 (Online)


Archives and Museum Informatics is an international forum for the representation of knowledge and the management of information relating to the world's cultural heritage. It presents timely, technical contributions to cultural informatics, including theory, case studies of implementations, and reviews standards, print and electronic publications, software, network sites and conferences.

The journal presents articles that build commonality of interests between museums, archives and libraries, and scholarship in the arts and humanities. It balances the interests of documentation, education and entertainment, and aims to strengthen practice in each domain through the knowledge, understanding and application of inter-disciplinary approaches.

It includes contributions from researchers and professionals, including policy makers, humanities scholars, archivists, information specialists, electronic publishers, museum curators, collections managers and educators.

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