Volume 12, Issue 1, October 1990

ISSN: 0167-4366 (Print) 1572-9680 (Online)

In this issue (18 articles)

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    Pages 3-4
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    Page 5
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    Keynote Paper

    Agroforestry education

    Howard A. Steppler Pages 41-48
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    Regional/Country Report

    Education in agroforestry at the University of Melbourne

    Pages 81-86
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    Regional/Country Report

    Status of agroforestry education in India

    Kirti Singh Pages 97-102
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    Regional/Country Report

    Agroforestry education and training in Latin America

    Pages 107-114
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    Workshop Summary and Synthesis

    Towards a comprehensive education and training program in agroforestry

    Pages 121-131
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    List of participants

    Pages 140-148