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Associated with the International Association for Aerobiology, Aerobiologia is an international medium for original research and review articles in the interdisciplinary fields of aerobiology and interaction of human, plant and animal systems on the biosphere. Coverage includes bioaerosols, transport mechanisms, biometeorology, climatology, air-sea interaction, land-surface/atmosphere interaction, biological pollution, biological input to global change, microbiology, aeromycology, aeropalynology, arthropod dispersal and environmental policy. Emphasis is placed on respiratory allergology, plant pathology, pest management, biological weathering and biodeterioration, indoor air quality, air-conditioning technology, industrial aerobiology and more.
Aerobiologia serves aerobiologists, and other professionals in medicine, public health, industrial and environmental hygiene, biological sciences, agriculture, atmospheric physics, botany, environmental science and cultural heritage.

There are no page charges to publish in this journal.
All articles accepted after February 1, 2014 will have free color online and in print.

11th International Congress on Aerobiologia - ICA2018
3 - 7 September, 2018, Parma, Italy
Advances in aerobiology for the preservation of human and environmental health: A multidisciplinary approach.
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