Journal of Optical and Fiber Communications Research

ISSN: 1867-3007 (Print) 1619-8638 (Online)


The Journal of Optical and Fiber Communications Research (JOFCR) is an international journal publishing original, peer-reviewed articles of interest to the optics community.

JOFCR covers research and development in all fields of optical science, engineering and technology.  Manuscripts may cover broad areas of optics, including free-space and fiber optics, nonlinear optics and lasers, nano-optics and photonics, and optical technologies for sensing, imaging and communications.  Each issue offers a collection of up-to-date and broad-spectrum overviews of various subjects, contributed by leading research scientists.

JOFCR also publishes special issues on selected contemporary topics, and regularly features invited papers in specific areas of current interest.

For authors, JOFCR offers rapid publication of original and timely results in the fields of optics and photonics.

For readers, JOFCR offers the fastest way to keep up on the latest developments in optics research.

The Journal of Optical and Fiber Communications Research is established as a comprehensive guide and reference text, tracking the impressive evolution of this area of science and technology.  Including both general information and highly technical presentations, the journal satisfies the needs of experts as well as graduates and researchers beginning in the field.

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