Invertebrate Neuroscience

ISSN: 1354-2516 (Print) 1439-1104 (Online)


Invertebrate Neuroscience publishes original articles, reviews and technical reports describing recent advances in the field of invertebrate neuroscience. The journal reports on  research that exploits the simplicity and experimental tractability of the invertebrate preparations  to underpin fundamental advances in neuroscience. Articles published in Invertebrate Neurosciences serve to highlight properties of signalling in the invertebrate nervous system that may be exploited in the field of antiparisitics, molluscicides and insecticides. 

Aspects of particular interest include: functional analysis of the invertebrate nervous system; molecular neuropharmacology and toxicology; neurogenetics and genomics; functional anatomy; neurodevelopment; neuronal networks; and molecular and cellular mechanisms of behaviour and behavioural plasticity.

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