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Mathematical Programming

A Publication of the Mathematical Optimization Society

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Journal updates

  • Mathematical Programming 2023 Meritorious Service Award

    Mathematical Programming depends on the expertise and dedication of its referees, who generously volunteer their time to provide prompt, fair, and thoughtful evaluations. The Meritorious Service Award aims to recognize these ongoing endeavors. Our Editorial Board evaluated referees who exhibited remarkable diligence in their commitment to the journal. We are delighted to announce the recipients of the 2023 Meritorious Service Award, selected for their exemplary contributions:

    Margarida Carvalho

    Ying Cui

    Omar El Housni

    Ricardo Fukasawa

    Elisabeth Gaar

    Sander Gribling

    Benjamin Grimmer

    Nam Ho-Nguyen

    Alexey Izmailov

    Ruichen Jiang

    Xudong Li

    Gonzalo Munoz

    Sen Na

    Michael O'Neill

    Joseph Paat

    Shaohua Pan

    Edouard Pauwels

    Ting Kei Pong

    Hamed Rahimian

    Luhao Zhang

  • Mathematical Programming 2022 Meritorious Service Award

    The success of Mathematical Programming rests on the knowledge and fortitude of its referees who willingly volunteer their time to provide timely, judicious, and considerate reviews. The Meritorious Service Award was created to acknowledge these continued efforts. In 2022 our Editorial Board assessed the referees who have demonstrated exceptional diligence in their service to the journal.