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Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy

Focusing on Technology Research, Innovation, Demonstration, Insights and Policy Issues for Sustainable Technologies

Publishing model:

Aims and scope

The journal has two major thrusts: Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy. This unique journal covers, in one place, scientific enquiry and technological innovations related to these two inter-dependent concerns. The concept of sustainable development universally accepted as a means of protecting the environment for all mankind, demands that future manufacturing technologies must be cleaner, yet economically sound.

The Clean Technology thrust of the journal will create an international forum for discussing the science and engineering of technologies, and mathematical and computer-based methods and models for designing, analyzing, and measuring cleanliness of products and processes, reporting of innovations in wind, solar and other renewable energy processes, nuclear energy developments, recycle/reuse of material and energy, repurposing wastes for beneficial uses, and environmentally beneficial uses of new materials, such as nanomaterials, and energy storage devices.. An additional aspect of this thrust involves the management of environmental systems such as ecosystems, watersheds, and manufacturing networks. Many environmental problems arise in complex scientific, technical, economic and public policy contexts. Consequently, solutions require integration of these contexts.

The Environmental Policy thrust of the journal will cover advances in research in scientific, social, behavioral, and economics disciplines that are relevant to complex environmental policy issues in fields such as: products, processes and manufacturing networks; wastewater collection and treatment; air pollution control technologies; hazardous toxic waste management; fate and transport of contaminants in the environment; environmental regulations and compliance; pollution prevention; solid waste management; and conservation and environmental protection.

The journal will provide a forum for experts from different disciplines to share common technical information and offe r the opportunity for multi-disciplinary discourse on science, technology and environmental policy that would lead to the development, demonstration, and commercialization of cleaner products and processes and effective environmental policy strategies.

Some examples of other unique features or activities of the Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy journal include:

- Policy-oriented commentaries from world-renowned leaders in environmental technology and policy research.

- Special issues focusing on a specific topic of international concern.

- An award for the best paper to be given periodically.