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Neurological Sciences - Brain Awareness week 2022

Celebrate Brain Awareness week (14-20 March 2022)! Join the global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science.

Enjoy reading the recently published articles in Neurological Sciences!

Free access for non-Open Access articles listed below will last until March 31st 2022

Pajo, A.T., Espiritu, A.I., Apor, A.D.A.O. et al. Neuropathologic findings of patients with COVID-19: a systematic review. Neurol Sci 42, 1255–1266 (2021).

Iodice, F., Cassano, V. & Rossini, P.M. Direct and indirect neurological, cognitive, and behavioral effects of COVID-19 on the healthy elderly, mild-cognitive-impairment, and Alzheimer’s disease populations. Neurol Sci 42, 455–465 (2021).

Murala, S., Nagarajan, E. & Bollu, P.C. Hereditary spastic paraplegia. Neurol Sci 42, 883–894 (2021).

Di Stadio, A., Ralli, M., Roccamatisi, D. et al. Hearing loss and dementia: radiologic and biomolecular basis of their shared characteristics. A systematic review.. Neurol Sci 42, 579–588 (2021).

Di Stefano, V., De Angelis, M.V., Montemitro, C. et al. Clinical presentation of strokes confined to the insula: a systematic review of literature. Neurol Sci 42, 1697–1704 (2021).

Messina, S., Sframeli, M., Maggi, L. et al. Spinal muscular atrophy: state of the art and new therapeutic strategies. Neurol Sci (2021).

Pilotto, A., Cristillo, V., Cotti Piccinelli, S. et al. Long-term neurological manifestations of COVID-19: prevalence and predictive factors. Neurol Sci 42, 4903–4907 (2021).

Sakakibara, R. Gastrointestinal dysfunction in movement disorders. Neurol Sci 42, 1355–1365 (2021).

Bourgeois-Tardif, S., De Beaumont, L., Rivera, J.C. et al. Role of innate inflammation in traumatic brain injury. Neurol Sci 42, 1287–1299 (2021).

Li, T., Mizrahi, D., Goldstein, D. et al. Chemotherapy and peripheral neuropathy. Neurol Sci 42, 4109–4121 (2021).

Song, W., Raza, H.K., Lu, L. et al. Functional MRI in Parkinson’s disease with freezing of gait: a systematic review of the literature. Neurol Sci 42, 1759–1771 (2021).