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Neurological Sciences - Celebrate Brain Awareness week (15-21 March 2021)!

Join the global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science.

Enjoy reading the recently published articles in Neurological Sciences listed below highlighting the impact of covid-19 on neurology.

Ottaviani, D., Boso, F., Tranquillini, E. et al. Early Guillain-Barré syndrome in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): a case report from an Italian COVID-hospital. Neurol Sci 41, 1351–1354 (2020).

Niazkar, H.R., Zibaee, B., Nasimi, A. et al. The neurological manifestations of COVID-19: a review article. Neurol Sci 41, 1667–1671 (2020).

Karadaş, Ö., Öztürk, B. & Sonkaya, A.R. A prospective clinical study of detailed neurological manifestations in patients with COVID-19. Neurol Sci 41, 1991–1995 (2020).

Assini, A., Benedetti, L., Di Maio, S. et al. New clinical manifestation of COVID-19 related Guillain-Barrè syndrome highly responsive to intravenous immunoglobulins: two Italian cases. Neurol Sci 41, 1657–1658 (2020).

Bonavita, S., Tedeschi, G., Atreja, A. et al. Digital triage for people with multiple sclerosis in the age of COVID-19 pandemic. Neurol Sci 41, 1007–1009 (2020).

Yachou, Y., El Idrissi, A., Belapasov, V. et al. Neuroinvasion, neurotropic, and neuroinflammatory events of SARS-CoV-2: understanding the neurological manifestations in COVID-19 patients. Neurol Sci 41, 2657–2669 (2020).

Hwang, Jm., Kim, JH., Park, JS. et al. Neurological diseases as mortality predictive factors for patients with COVID-19: a retrospective cohort study. Neurol Sci 41, 2317–2324 (2020).

Cuffaro, L., Di Lorenzo, F., Bonavita, S. et al. Dementia care and COVID-19 pandemic: a necessary digital revolution. Neurol Sci 41, 1977–1979 (2020).

Manganelli, F., Vargas, M., Iovino, A. et al. Brainstem involvement and respiratory failure in COVID-19. Neurol Sci 41, 1663–1665 (2020).

Ferrarese, C., Silani, V., Priori, A. et al. An Italian multicenter retrospective-prospective observational study on neurological manifestations of COVID-19 (NEUROCOVID). Neurol Sci 41, 1355–1359 (2020).