Volume 52, Issue 4, December 2007

ISSN: 1434-6044 (Print) 1434-6052 (Online)

In this issue (18 articles)

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    Regular Article - Experimental Physics

    Search for lepton flavour violation in ep collisions at HERA

    A. Aktas, C. Alexa, V. Andreev, T. Anthonis Pages 833-847
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    Regular Article - Experimental Physics

    First CNGS events detected by LVD

    N.Yu. Agafonova, M. Aglietta, P. Antonioli, G. Bari Pages 849-855
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    Regular Article - Theoretical Physics

    Next-to-leading order corrections in exclusive meson production

    M. Diehl, W. Kugler Pages 933-966
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    Special Article - Scientific Note

    Study of ATLAS sensitivity to FCNC top decays

    J. Carvalho, N. Castro, L. Chikovani, T. Djobava Pages 999-1019