Volume 34, Issue 4, December 2007

ISSN: 1434-6001 (Print) 1434-601X (Online)

In this issue (12 articles)

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    Regular Article - Experimental Physics

    Isomeric states in 214Th and 213Th

    J. Khuyagbaatar, S. Hofmann, F. P. Heßberger Pages 355-361
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    Regular Article - Theoretical Physics

    Invariant amplitudes for pion electroproduction

    B. Pasquini, D. Drechsel, L. Tiator Pages 387-403
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    Regular Article - Theoretical Physics

    The role of the Λ(1405) in the pp → pK+Λ(1405) reaction

    L. S. Geng, E. Oset Pages 405-412
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    Special Article - Tools for Experiment and Theory

    A surprising method for polarising antiprotons

    Th. Walcher, H. Arenhövel, K. Aulenbacher, R. Barday Pages 447-461