Advances in Flood Science: Monitoring, Modelling, Management and Mitigation

This topical collection welcomes the submission of manuscripts focused on flood science, particularly those advancing scientific knowledge on flood modelling, climate change driven flood scenarios, hydrology, urban flood resilience, multi-scale rainfall forecast, flood emergency modelling as well as mapping of flood risk, hazard, vulnerability and exposure. We welcome manuscripts portraying case studies that contribute to enhance country-specific flood management practices. This topical collection brings together advances across a range of flood types, including fluvial, pluvial, groundwater and coastal. Other topics of interest are also welcome and incorporate: flood risk communication and perception, system engineering approaches to flood management, flood damage estimation, monitoring techniques and technologies and novel flood mitigation solutions. Keywords: Flooding, Monitoring, Modelling, Management, Mitigation


  • Monica Rivas Casado

    Dr. Rivas Casado, Cranfield University, UK. She is recognized as a leading expert in the use of UAVs as a data acquisition platform to improve flood risk management in the UK and internationally. Her academic career has been built around the development of systems engineering solutions for the design of robust environmental monitoring strategies. She is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Water and Environmental Manager, Chartered Environmentalist, a Chartered Scientist, a Chartered Forestry Engineer, a Fellow member of CIWEM and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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